@4 magazine Issue 9

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Key features

It is important that we regularly stop and consider whether we could be doing things differently or better. This is not to say that we throw out the old for the new, but to look at how we can refine what we know already works to adapt better to new challenges and opportunities.

In this issue of @4 we are certainly attempting to do this – from how our aviation industry adapts to changing security challenges, to pop-up offices as a solution to growing pressure on our infrastructure and how we can move our urban environments towards the Ecological Age.

The ability to influence and adapt are key attributes for businesses, government and leaders. In this spirit, Peter Bailey, Chair and CEO of Arup Australasia, was privileged to work with the Y20 as part of their video series to cover some of the topics our youth consider to be top priority for our world’s current and future leaders.

Finally, in this issue we also feature the great work we have done for the federally funded ‘Smart Grid, Smart City’ project and the Sydney Water backed Future of Urban Water 2050 report in our news section. Both have the potential to positively influence how and what we design, build and consume in terms of our limited resources.

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