Campus of the Future

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What expectations will students have in the future and how will they want to learn?

Key features

Questions surrounding the future of education are those of collaboration, accessibility, and flexibility. Economic and technological forces have begun to enable increased virtual learning, facilitating access by a wider sector of the population. However optimistic these possibilities may seem, the future of education is rife with debate. What if the digitisation of education replaces educators with computers, and what does this mean for the future of the built environment?

Such change has posed a unique opportunity for non-traditional collaboration between the construction industry and other entities. The Campus of the Future report reflects an on-going program of research into diverse campus typologies such as medical, corporate, and educational.

The report was created with input from a wide range of Arup specialists, including Arup’s Education business, as well as engineers, planners, educators, and technologists from collaborating organizations.