Cities Alive: 100 issues shaping future cities

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Cities Alive workshop cards communicate 100 issues that cities will face in the future. The cards are designed to help stakeholders at all levels — citizens, planners, and officials — prioritise and explore issues that will shape the future of their city and explore the notion of city vitality thinking.

The cards take a holistic view of the future, covering social, technological, economic, environmental and political issues. Every city is different, but the fundamental challenges are often the same. The cards enable participants to explore, prioritise and discuss those issues shaping the future of their city. They are a tool to enable conversation, help identify opportunities for innovation, and facilitate transformative urban change.

Key features

Possible workshop settings for using the cards include: trends and implications brainstorms, developing city stories of the future, or collaborative design charrettes. Depending on the aim of the exercise, the cards can inform design processes, aid the identification of challenges, support the review of strategic plans, or initiate new ideas for urban intervention.

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