Digital overview

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The ever-changing digital built environment presents new opportunities to enhance the way we live and work. This brochure outlines Arup’s Digital offer, as well as highlighting the impact that technology is having upon our environment and programmes.

Key features

Digital tools have permeated the business environment, provoking significant changes in the way we work, communicate, and sell. A ‘Digital Economy’ has formed which presents new opportunities and challenges for business leaders seeking to embrace it.

Digitisation has provided opportunities for leaders to improve management decisions, enhance processes, develop new products and services and challenge traditional business models.

Buildings are now expected to be ‘intelligent’, cities to be ‘smart’ and sensors are now widely used in areas of infrastructure ranging from airport baggage systems to water utilities’ distribution networks.

At Arup we believe that when harnessed correctly, technology has the power to create smarter approaches to shape a better world. We are a global group of technology consultants who combine leading technical domain and market expertise to offer world-class advisory services and solutions for our clients.