Five minute guide to electricity storage technologies

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If you are looking to gain the maximum benefit from different supply and demand profiles then flexibility, energy storage is needed. Our five minute guide outlines the different types of electricity storage technologies, the advantages/disadvantages of each and how the available technologies can be applied.

Key features

In our guide, we outline why there is a need for such storage, instances where storage could be effectively implemented and the application of technology. The guide highlights the technology available and the spread of power discharge and storage scale. Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) is currently the most established utility scaled method for energy storage (with approximately 99% of the world’s grid energy) but the opportunities of other technologies and for distributed storage are rapidly growing.

This technical guide has been developed as a result of increased market interest in understanding storage options and has been written by our experts working in energy systems and process – bringing together technical integration and project delivery.