Future of Highways

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In our report, Future of Highways, we explore the forces driving change in this sector. It looks at trends as diverse as rapid urbanisation and the changing behaviours of travellers. Understanding the impact of these shifts is key to radically rethinking travel and future-proofing our highways.

Key features

Only by understanding these issues fully can we take action now to shape a future where road networks enable economic growth – to do so they must be safer, more accessible and better connected - both with each other and with the wider transport network. We believe that, like the rest of the built environment, our road infrastructure should be sustainable, resilient, and efficient.

This report, led by Arup Foresight + Research + Innovation - our internal think-tank and consultancy, highlights innovation from around the world, including work Arup is leading, from wireless charging of electric buses in Milton Keynes to consolidation centres for electric freight vehicles in London.