The Future of Retail

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Identifying the important trends behind new consumer behaviours and examining their impact on future retail environments and services.

Key features

This report explores the drivers of change that are shaping the future of the retail sector.

It reveals important trends that are causing new consumer behaviours and examines some of the likely impacts that these developments will have on future retail environments and service offerings.

Composed by Arup’s global Foresight + Innovation team, the report identifies six key insights with significant implications for the future of the retail sector:

  • The online and mobile revolution is positive and should be fully embraced.
  •  Brands will increasingly focus on seamless multi-channel customer experiences.
  • Physical stores are evolving into experience-based destinations that will drive brand loyalty and engage customers at a more emotional level.
  • Technology is a catalyst that can help reinvent the store.
  • Shop floor staff will need to become retail experts.
  • Progressive environmental legislation will require improvements in operations and supply chain sustainability.