Ideas for London

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On the 5 May 2016 Londoners will vote for the next Mayor of London and the 25 Members of the London Assembly. The election comes at a pivotal moment in London’s long history, the impact of prevailing growth in London and accommodating additional population and employment will create immense economic, as well as social, challenges and pressures. London will falter if it fails to respond. Creative, innovative thinking will be required by the Mayor to ensure that the opportunities presented by population growth are seized. What could the next Mayor and the London Assembly do to make London an even better city for its residents, businesses and visitors?

Reflecting on our work with government, clients and communities, Arup staff have thought creatively about ideas that could help the next Mayor of London tackle some of the challenges facing the city. From Drones for London (DfL), to a dedicated London Infrastructure Fund or even a 'Night Mayor' for London to boost the after-hours' economy, some innovative and novel ideas have emerged! We hope that our ideas will help to stimulate the debate as to how London should grow, develop and meet the needs of its citizens and that you will enjoy reading, debating and discussing them.

Key features

Long term visions

Three long term strategic programmes that the Mayor should investigate to safeguard prosperity for London and its eight million plus residents.

  • New heart for London’s town centres
  • South of England and London super region
  • A new National Park for London

Ten policy ideas for the Mayor of London

These ideas are designed to be deliverable within the first mayoral term.

  • Active transport to unlock housing density
  • London Blue Grid
  • Drones for London (DFL)
  • A Digital Office for London
  • Walking in a green London
  • Driving down corporate carbon emissions
  • London Infrastructure Fund
  • Electric bus battery scheme
  • New night life
  • Transport investment zones