Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Urban Mobility

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Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Urban Mobility explores a future vision for urban mobility which includes new choices for individual trip-making, better information for smarter decision-making, and system optimization to utilize infrastructure efficiently; all in service of fostering a seamless, safe and sustainable travel experience.

Key features

Intelligent connectivity enables the symbiotic exchange of data between individuals and smart systems. It facilitates new models of on-demand mobility services. It supports electrification of transport and the rapid development of improved safety systems.

Achieving this vision requires creativity, trust in our technology and a fearless re-imagining of our current solutions. Providing new mobility offerings will mean developing proactive cooperation between the public and private sectors, agile responses to shifting customer needs and expectations, and a relentless commitment to both security and sustainability. The technologies exist to support all of these mandates. Robust economic vitality, healthier communities, more resilient and sustainable spaces, and vastly improved quality of life await with the transformation of our urban mobility systems.

This publication is a collaborative initiative by our Foresight + Research + Innovation team, our Transportation Planning practice, and by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. collaborated with Arup by sponsoring the project and contributing content regarding the Qualcomm Technologies case studies.