Managing Water Use in Scarce Environments - a catalogue of case studies

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Assessing the impact on water scarcity of 40 initiatives from around the world, using the innovative framework we created.

Key features

Arup, on behalf of 2030 Water Resources Group (WRG), researched and analysed over 40 initiatives from around the world to assess their impact on water scarcity.

This publication reports and catalogues examples, expertise, advice and innovations in water demand and supply management improvement across key sectors and technologies. It uses our innovative assessment framework to demonstrate the water scarcity impact of interventions at a basin level using indicators such as water withdrawals, consumptive use, water quality, production per m3 of water withdrawn and net basin water resource.

It is the 2030 WRG’s and Arup’s ambition that this publication will provide a tool for decision makers and form a focal point for action around the challenge of water scarcity. It is designed to stimulate and support action for meaningful interventions which help manage scarce water resources more effectively for the benefit of all.

The online tool gives users the ability to filter through and better comprehend water scarcity solutions around the world, the approaches used to achieve them and the impacts they have so far created.

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