Offshore decommissioning

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Arup has worked in the oil and gas industry for a number of years and not only has experience in new platforms, structures and pipelines but also the vital work of decommissioning, particularly in the North Sea.

Key features

With over 1,500 installations spanning five national waters, 45,000km² of pipelines, 8,000 wells and an estimated 22 billion barrels of oil still available to extract, the North Sea presents a technically challenging environment with the platforms requiring decommissioning in due course. With such a testing environment it’s crucial that projects are undertaken as efficiently as possible and we’re at the forefront of this emerging and complex sector. Our specialists are able to provide structural skills as well as advisory to ensure a successful project.

Our brochure looks at the capabilities we can provide that are essential to a North Sea decommissioning project as well as looking at our previous experience.