Potential for Climate Action

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Climate Action in Megacities 3.0 shows that cities are showing tremendous commitment to tackling climate change. However, there is an enormous number of actions that are not yet being taken which could make an even greater impact on emissions reduction and climate resilience.

This report, prepared by Arup and C40, presents evidence of cities’ potential for future climate action and establishes a framework to characterise the challenges that cities face. The report shows that political, regulatory and funding challenges are dominant across cities, and illustrates the role of collaboration, communication and coordination in overcoming complex challenges.

This work is supported by the City Leadership Initiative (CLI) at University College London (UCL).

Key features

  • Analyses the most important specific actions that major cities can take to cut carbon emissions, and identifies the challenges that need to be overcome if mayors are to achieve them.
  • Identifies 2,300 priority actions which, if fully implemented, could cut GHG emissions by 50MtCO2e in the next few years.
  • Illustrates that city leaders need to partner with other actors to overcome the challenges that surround these potential actions – especially national/ regional governments, and private companies.
  • Calls for collaboration across sectors to identify the solutions that can be introduced to help cities accelerate and expand climate action.