Research Roadmap 2010

Cover image for Research Roadmap 2010

Developed in workshops across Arup, our research roadmap defines areas in which we will look to commission and fund research.

Key features

Arup’s Research Roadmap is a strategic research plan used to develop and articulate a corporate research strategy. It lists research priorities which meet short and long-term business objectives.

Arup uses roadmapping internally and offers it as a business service – a facilitated workshop process that helps clients address strategic issues facing their business and produce a strategic plan.

With an emphasis on innovation, research has always been central to Arup’s culture. The firm's research programme is driven by Arup people, universities and research network partners.

The roadmap helps to identify drivers and knowledge gaps, defining where research needs to be commissioned and funded.

Some outcomes from recent Arup research are also published in the Research Review.