The Arup Journal 1988 Issue 2

Cover image for The Arup Journal 1988 Issue 2

In this special issue of The Arup Journal, we look at some of the work being carried out by Arup Geotechnics.

Key features

This special issue includes: An introduction to Arup Geotechnics by Martyn Stroud; The influence of geotechnics on design; Royal Mint; Earthquake engineering and soil dynamics; Rising groundwater levels in central London; Oil industry; Geotechnical computing; Recent advances in piling; Hand-dug piles in London; Toe grouting of large diameter piles; RGC Offshore Ltd plc, Methil; St Enoch Square, Glasgow; Sewer installation, Dundee waterfront; Abandoned mining hazard in South Wales; Turkish roads; Pakistan: Sui gas field compression project; Nigeria: Man-made chemical weathering of tropical soils; Botswana: Nata-Maum Road; Singapore: Newton Station; Mass rapid transit tunnels; Malaysia: Foundations to Pan Pacific Hotel; People’s Republic of China: Shajiao Power Station; Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Superhighway; Shanghai; Australia; Papua New Guinea: New Zealand.