The Arup Journal Issue 1 2016

Cover image for The Arup Journal Issue 1 2016

In the latest issue of The Arup Journal, read how we orchestrated the design and construction of the world’s highest pressure subaqueous tunnel in the USA, used parametric modelling techniques to design a dual-arched bridge in Australia, and devised the spiralling steel ribbon structure of a wedding chapel in Japan.

Key features

Lake Mead Intake No 3 is bored through the bed of this famous Nevadan reservoir to keep drinking water flowing no matter how low water levels fall; Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge, Perth, links the city with its river through graceful and precise curves; and in Japan, The Ribbon Chapel in Onomichi must be one of the most romantic places in the world to marry and, from a design and engineering perspective, one of the most intriguing.

Other articles feature: Arnhem Station, an elegant and efficient transport hub in the Netherlands; Curtis Island Jetties, a base for shipping liquefied natural gas from Queensland, Australia; and CapitaGreen, a premium commercial development in Singapore, its remarkable ventilation strategy modelled on the respiratory system of a plant.