UK Electricity Flexibility Timeline

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Flexibility is a much desired attribute in many markets, and increasingly so in electricity systems. The drive towards a flexible electricity grid has created a market that is in flux, affecting all of the participants involved: you and me, businesses, traditional network operators, electricity generators and utility companies, to name a few. Opportunities and challenges lie ahead in an environment expected to become more complex, interconnected and interdependent. Success will depend on operating with a strategic, ‘whole system’ view.

Key features

Our flexibility timeline identifies the upcoming developments and announced policies in the flexibility landscape to help affected parties navigate the uncertain future and play a key role in shaping it. Our team of regulatory and market economists, modellers and innovation technology experts have brought their expertise together to create this timeline and can provide comprehensive advice to industry players on flexibility policy issues.

To discuss how Arup can help you navigate the flexibility space to manage risks and respond to opportunities, please contact Filippo Gaddo.